In the articles we read for this week’s module, there was a lot of focus on the addiction that technology has become. While I agree with that position, I am going into a field where social media is a requirement. In a New York Times article written by Sree Sreenivasan entitled, How to Use Social Media in Your Career, they give out tips to make the most of your socials, even suggesting that you constantly be up to date with the latest trends. At most of my internships, I have been asked to examine their social media and give my opinion. How am I supposed to try and be less attached to social media where I have to use it to get and keep jobs. The article states, “The fact is that it’s impossible to separate the personal use of social from the professional, and everything you say online can and will be used against you” (Sreenivasan). My personal and professional worlds will never be separate, especially because I am receiving my masters in Interactive Media and Communications, which involves creating online content, websites, and other things on technology. Should I be finding new and creative ways to impress employers or should I be hoping on the social media train by boosting my socials and paying close attention to the newest tech trends. With the use of technology and social media in the professional world, it is creating a reliance on it. How are we supposed to “detach” from our devices if our career (and let’s be honest, paycheck) depends on it? The confines of the office no longer applies, because anyone can work from their phone or laptop. Leaders expect a team that is dedicated and are willing to be on call 24/7, but is that a healthy work culture? Should employees feel like they HAVE to answer that email at 11pm? I believe that these unhealthy habits don’t need to be in place at the office.

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