In chapter two of Deep Work by Cal Newport, it starts off by discussing Facebook Headquarters and its open floor plan. This new trend for work spaces are showing up everywhere. Jack Dorsey of the San Francisco Chronicle explained their open floor plan, “‘We encourage people to stay out in the open because we believe in serendipity-and people walking by each other teaching each other new things”’ (Newport 49). This is a problem for deep work. How are you supposed to focus in on something when there is constant buzzing around you? Also in the chapter, they discuss how your mind subconsciously recognizes distraction, even if you don’t. So that means even if you don’t FEEL distracted, you still ARE distracted. So how do I find this balance, especially with this new workplace trend? Just because of the type of worker I am, I need a private space that gives me the ability to block everyone out. Is this new floor plan here to stay? In today’s work culture, a huge element of it is social. People feel the need to be constantly connected in one way or another, and it is interrupting our work day. In order to really focus and achieve deep work, we need to get rid of open work spaces. In order to keep up with the demand, we need to be able to focus on just our work, not those around us.  

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