I’m diving in. For the past year, I have been itching to create my own podcast. Prior to that, I was simply a listener. I started out with crime podcasts such as Serial (a true masterpiece, I highly recommend) and The Clearing. I then moved on to follow more talk-show style podcasts such as Girls Gotta Eat, Schnitt Talk, and Best Friends with Nicole Bayer and Sasheer Zamata. These talk-shows demonstrated how important chemistry between hosts is. I found myself laughing along with them as if they were my friends. The more I listened, the more I wanted to create.

I’ve had my topic nailed down for a while. I wanted to create a talk-show style podcast with my two childhood best friends. Laura, Carly and I go all the way back to the second grade. We spent our childhood sleepovers creating sketches and songs that we would record for ourselves to watch back at a later date. Our creativity never dulled, as we always found unique ways to document our friendship. At the end of every year, we have our “Year in Review” which summarizes our highs and our lows. We’ve always wanted to share our thoughts with the world, and now we’re finally doing it.

During the last semester of my undergraduate degree, I took a podcasting class that allowed me to learn how to record, edit and share my content. This was the push I needed to put our plans into motion. We sat down months ago to work on topics and segments that we could make work for our show. Having been friends for so long, we’ve seen each other through it all, awkward middle school fashion, rough high school patches, and our best college achievements. We want to highlight what makes our friendship work and how we’ve managed to keep a strong bond even when living hundreds of miles apart.

Unscripted podcasts have always been a wonder to me. They seem so casual and off the cuff, but there is truly research behind every minute. While reading up on how to launch my own content, I came across a lot of great advice. Voices.com helped me really understand the structure of an un-scripted podcast script. In order to maintain a steady structure to our show, we have to lay out the details first. Every good script needs an intro, segues, topics, and closing remarks. This way, we say what we need to say in a timely manner, without getting off topic.

Previously, I have only used my phone to record audio and used the free software, Audacity to edit. These were all for shorter assignments that spanned anywhere from two to twenty minutes. For this podcast, I want to create a higher quality product and that requires higher quality tools. After much research, I have recently purchased the Adobe suite so that I could use their audio editing software, Audition. In terms of recording, I have been looking into many different microphones that will enhance the sound quality. Previously, I have used sites such as freemusicarchieve.org, soundbible.com, and freesound.org to add in sound effects and music, but the library is very limited. I have invested in Epidemicsound.com, which is 15 dollars per month and it gives me access to an unlimited library of music that is cleared for YouTube and podcasts.

I am excited to begin this journey and share my content with the world. I plan on documenting this process in more depth once I finalize my timeline. From there, I can determine how long it will take me to fully complete the pilot episode.

Clark, Niki. “How To Plan Your Podcast with Scripts & Episode Formats.” Voices.com, 18 May 2020, http://www.voices.com/blog/planning-your-podcast/.

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