I’m just going to say it, I’m frustrated. This week, I hit a little bit of a slump. In our weekly meeting, we went through a dry run of our pilot episode, which I felt dragged on a bit. Our recording date for our pilot is tentatively set for this Sunday, but we may have to move it until later next week. That puts me slightly behind schedule, so I will have much more to show hopefully by next week.

I wasn’t particularly happy with my original cover art that I created last week, so this week I went back to the drawing board to see what I could work with. I dove deeper into podcast logo design and looked at many different options. In my research, I found a great guide made by 99designs blog on how to create a great logo that represents your show. This post talks me through everything, from what to know before creating your cover art, to how to make your words and your visuals work together long after it is created.

Before You Begin

Now, in order to really capture your podcast visually, you have to know what you know what you are talking about and who is listening. Since I already have a pretty good idea of subject matter and audience profile, I felt as though I was confident in the fact that I wanted my logo to have a fun and vibrant logo.

I also found it extremely important to look at templates and other podcast art to have a good starting point to work with. I personally love using the online tool Canva to help me create designs that look professional without having to pay for a software.

Workin’ On It

One of the most simple but important decisions to make when creating your art is whether you want to use a picture or graphics for your podcast. This is still something that I am torn over. I have options with real photos and some without. While I want the listener to know the faces behind the podcast, many of the non-photo options pop better and I think are better attention- grabbers.

Color is an extremely important aspect of your cover art. For mine, I think I have decided to go with bright and fun colors such as neon pink or yellow. After choosing my colors, I wanted to find a font that complimented the overall theme of the podcast. I am still playing around with this, but I need to find a cool yet legible font.

Creating a Lasting Effect

99designs puts it perfectly when they say, “The perfect podcast logo combines a multitude of elements geared toward a singular goal: telling the audience who you are, and why they should listen to you” (Price, 2018).

I think that’s why I’m having such a hard time deciding on which logo I want. Maybe after recording my pilot episode, I will see which one fits our podcast the best.

Price, Matthew. “How to Design a Podcast Cover: the Ultimate Guide.” 99designs, 99designs, 19 May 2020, 99designs.com/blog/design-other/how-to-design-a-podcast-cover-the-ultimate-guide/.

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