Building our Brand Kit!

This week, we recorded our pilot episode. That was the easy part. Now, I’ve been working hard to diligently edit and enhance the project. I have many projects this week that I have been trying to work on. First of all, a huge chunk of my time has been spent on editing the pilot. I have edited all of the parts that we have recorded thus far. I have also started editing our trailer, but I plan on incorporating content from multiple episodes. I have also been trying to create social media posts for our Instagram.

This week, I have had to deal with many obstacles along the way. But, these have all brought me moments of clarity and I have learned how to deal with these things moving forward. Let me break it down for you.

Recording Our Podcast

Going into this, I was very nervous. We had all been over the script and talked about how we would approach the show, in the moment we all made some mistakes. One of my co-hosts, Carly, ended up sitting too far from the microphone, which really shows up on the on the audio file. We did do audio tests, but it didn’t show up on them. Maybe she moved or wasn’t speaking as loud. Next time, we are going to change up the seating as well as really listen to our microphone tests before recording our final product. We also ran out of time because of set-up and testing, so we had to push that last segment of our podcast to be filmed the week after. This makes things a lot harder, but I am learning to work with other people’s schedules.

Editing Our Podcast

I was very eager to start editing. But, I found that editing overall topics were easy, but editing our stumbles and filler words took me endless amounts of time. First, I listened through one time and made notes of when I wanted to cut certain things out. Then, once I went through and made those changes, I began combing over the stumbles and filler words. This proved difficult. Next time, we are going to more actively avoid using words such as UM and LIKE. Something that we really focused on in this episode but weren’t completely successful at was trying not to speak over each other. This makes editing so much easier for me because if I need to cut our certain sentences, I can make clean cuts. I am looking forward to see how much we improve episode to episode.

Social Media Posts

This is where I love to have fun and be creative, but this really has been challenging me on this project. I feel a certain amount of pressure to give off a good social media presence. This week, I worked on creating a font family for our socials. I have been gathering items for a brand kit, so that it makes it easier for me to create posts. Canva does a great job of helping me create this. I am able to save certain fonts, colors and templates so that all of my creations are at my fingertips. I finally settled on a few fonts I like and I even put them to the test on some sample stories such as these:

Next week, we are recording our second episode as well as the outro to our first episode. I am very excited to try again and apply all the lessons I’ve learned this week!

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