I am an amateur at best in web design. It is one of my weakness that I have yet to work on. Until now. When I created this website for my first grad class, I put little to no effort into figuring out how to truly make it appealing. I played around with featured images and struggled to create a menu. This week, I spent many hours making my site, for lack of a better term, pretty.

This was the homepage of my site last week. It was bland with a long and confusing menu. If you weren’t in my program, you would not know the meaning of half of the page names. I had no text introducing myself or the purpose of the site. Each page served the same purpose. They each showed all my blog posts. My “About Me” page was lacking in color.

Successful Changes

The first thing I did to the site was try and add a homepage with a little bit of color and detail. I customized the color palette to something professional yet appealing. To go along with this, I created a logo for myself in Canva, a free online software that I use to create social media posts and logos for other projects. I still had not fixed the menu or created an “About Me” page. I did add a quote to the homepage, but I still thought that it needed work.

In order to showcase who I am as a professional, I decided to add photos of different events and projects I had worked on. I also added a quick blurb about myself. I felt as though this was a more organized and appealing homepage for someone in my field.

Along with this, I also added a blog page that holds all my posts. This time, I categorized them by class so that I could keep track of what I was writing for who. You can also notice how I’ve updated my menu to make it more clear for the user as to what they are clicking on.

Areas of Improvement

Although I am satisfied with the work I have done on this site, there is always room for improvement. My first issue that I came upon was I struggle to fill the whole webpage with my writing. In the picture above, you can see all the space I have along the sides. I have tried to fix this issue but have found no success.

I have also created a “Projects” page. My vision for this is to be able to showcase all my work from my undergraduate and graduate degree. I am unsure as to how to go about this properly so this page is still blank. Going off of that, I have a page for my project from my last class, Content Creation. This is a collection of artifacts from a podcasting that I am launching. I am trying to figure out how to link the two pages, but again, no success.

Overall, I am very excited to learn more about web technologies and how to design an easy-to-use website. I think that by the end of this course I will be able to fix all the problems I ran into this week and be able to further improve my design.

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