When designing this color palette, I strayed away from some of the advice of Neil Patel in this blog post of his entitled “How to Use the Psychology of Colors” and I’ll tell you why. He suggests using bright primary colors to help attract customers and to target your audience based on which colors they like the most. Women tend to like blue, purple and green while men lean towards blue, green and black. They also say that men and women hate colors such as orange and brown. As you can see, I used brown tones in this palette. This is because I am dealing with a restaurant’s website rather than a site selling products or services. Most people are drawn to The Rolling Pin Cafe for the great reputation. This restaurant is a local favorite that has been around for longer than most can remember. They have an established identity that would hurt their business to change. Their website needs to reflect who they are as a business. I chose these warm tones to match their interior decorations and logo. The main two colors that the site currently uses are the first two in my palette. I then tried to add complimentary colors to help add some more variety to the site. A lot of their current site gets boring because of the lack of color variety, but this will help bring in some different colors without changing the whole identity of the site.

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