For this project, I chose to tackle a local cafe and bakery, The Rolling Pin Cafe. A favorite of my hometown, it’s a quaint spot with homemade baked goods, sandwiches, soups and salads. The interior is decked out in vintage bakery decor. I drew color inspiration from their unique table cloths and wallpaper. One thing that I really love about The Rolling Pin is their choice of font. They use the Boston Truckstyle C font which makes them stand out on their website. It ties in with their vintage bakery theme perfectly, making them an insta-worthy spot. They have a very warm and inviting color palette, which is evident through their website. One thing that I hope to change about their site is adding a little bit more color, since they are all so warm they tend to blend together.

This mood board is meant to represent the restaurant’s identity. I tried to bring in food items like tea, scones and bread while also adding in some decor that would fit well with their aesthetic. The website currently mainly uses the first two colors in my color palette, but I added some other tones that I would like to bring in to compliment those colors.

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