The Rolling Pin Cafe is a simple little site with not many layers. Most of their pages are accessible from the home page. It is made to be clear and simple, since most traffic is going to look at menus or look at hours for the restaurant. This site map shows just how easy it is to navigate this site. You are not jumping through hoops to get from one page to the next. Instead, everything you need is accessible from the homepage. I think this really increases the usability of the site. I consider usability to be the most important aspect of web design, so knowing that someone who has never heard of The Rolling Pin Cafe can find their way around the site is very reassuring. A site like this does not need separate pages inside pages because people will get confused and find another restaurant to order from.

I think that sites that are selling products or showcasing services have much deeper and complicated navigation. If a user is required to have a profile or an account, the site map just gets bigger. But with this particular restaurant, most of their identity lives on in person, rather than online. Most customers of The Rolling Pin have been to the restaurant before or have seen it walking down the street. My goal for this site is to be able to bring that identity online so that new customers can be attracted to this great local restaurant.

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