When creating wire frames for this site, I thought about condensing some of the tabs on the main menu. The current homepage plays a huge slideshow that only shows one picture at a time on rotation. I thought that since they have so many great photos to share, why not show multiple pictures at a time? I also have added an “In the Press” section towards the bottom of the homepage. This way, when visitors first come onto the site, they can see where The Rolling Pin has been featured, instead of having to click on a separate tab. Another addition to the homepage is a “Follow us” section. Instead of hiding this at the bottom, we can create a social media feed as well as links to all the profiles to really increase foot traffic on those as well.

Another important page I laid out was the “Menu” page. Currently, they have huge pictures to accompany each menu item. This visual aid is great, but you can get the same affect by adding smaller pictures next to the description or maybe just a few big ones spread throughout. I want to make it easy for the user to see the whole menu at once so they don’t have to spend time scrolling through all the different options, making it quick and easy.

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