Incorporating all sorts of media on your website is extremely important. Sometimes using videos, podcasts, or image galleries can enhance your user’s experience. For example, here I have embedded one of my favorite videos of Quinnipiac University. This videos shows great arial shots of the campus, which showcases student life and gives the viewer an overall feel for the size and functionality of the campus. If I were to write an article directed towards potential students explaining Quinnipiac University, including this video would help get my message across.

Now, below is the Quinnipiac twitter feed. By including social media feeds, it makes it easy for your users to keep up with the latest news, as websites are not updated as frequently as social media. So, no matter the time that you check the website, you can always find the latest updates on a feed such as this one.

Other media elements that are important to include are things such as social buttons and contact forms. Both of these are ways to make you more accessible to your users. My social media buttons can be found on my About Me page and I have a separate Contact Me page as well.

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