When you’re looking to drive traffic to your site, you must consider Search Engine Optimization. According to moz.com, SEO can be defined as, ” is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results” (Moz.com). There are three main functions of SEO:


In this first function, robots are sent to “crawl” the internet looking for new and updated information on websites. This information can come in a variety of forms such as PDFs, images, videos, ect. They then collect all this information and put into something called an index.


An index is essentially a huge database of discovered URLs that are found through following link paths on webpages. Those that are found to be “good” are made available to searchers.


Lastly, when a user performers a search, there is a system of ranking their results. Content is sorted by relevance and the user is given a query according to how well their searched terms match the information. Below, I have searched for “shoe repairs Bergen County NJ” and this is the resulting query.

Creating a successful recipe for SEO

So now you know how SEO works, but how can you score points and get to the top of the query? There are many things that you can do while trying to maximize your SEO.


What are users searching for? In order to know what words and phrases you should be using on your site, get to know your audience and what THEY want. By searching your topics and checking out your competitors, you can see what the people want and what format they want it in. Are they looking for word-heavy posts or pictures and videos?


When robots look for key terms, they look at the title of your site page. This isn’t always visible on your actual site, but it can be found inside your code. Make sure that you are labeling your pages correctly so they can be found easily.


Links can be very helpful to your SEO. When someone uses a link to your website on their page, it grows your connections. Robots can pick up on that and you are able to establish authority. This is called an inbound link. You can also link your own pages inside your domain. This is an internal link and it helps your site in similar ways.


Your site’s reputation is built from a few things. If you are constantly creating new and popular content, it helps your site gain traction. Also, as more people link to your site, your reputation will also grow because you can be seen as a trusted source.

Above all these things, there is hard work and talent. If you are creating great content that is engaging to users, your SEO will grow. In a great guide by moz.com, they talk about being 10x better than your leading competition. I think this is a great tactic. By observing the trends of the most popular sites in your field, you can improve your site. As you put in the effort, your hard work will help create organic traffic to your site.

Tracking SEO

Now that you’ve been working on improving your SEO, how do you track your progress? There are two types of ways you can see how well you are doing. By tracking your engagement, you can see how people are interacting with your site. You want to ask yourself questions such as:

  • How long are users staying on my site?
  • What is their bounce rate?
  • How far are they scrolling down?
  • What pages are they visiting (and how many)?

By using tools such as Google Analytics, you can also observe your traffic trends. You can see how your site activity has changed over time or observe more specific goals such as the results of a specific marketing campaign.

All things considered, your Search Engine Optimization is important and plays a vital role in who sees your content.

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