Seven weeks ago, I had no idea where to begin with coding. I was learning something completely new and out of my element. I’ve learned a lot not only about technical coding skills, but about myself and my learning style.

Coding is something that I have always wanted to learn, especially going into my field. As a public relations professional, we are expecting to know how to do it all: marketing, social media, web design and media relations. Where I have experience in all other areas, web design is where I was lacking. This class let me explore the basics of web design, plus gave me more experience using a CMS (WordPress). Prior to this semester, my personal website was lacking in a purpose. It was very blank and hard for a user to navigate. I was able to redesign my site to have a helpful and inviting home page, as well as improve my blog posts and their content.

I enjoyed working on the project where I was able to design a color palette, site map and wire frame for a real company. As a PR professional, it’s important to understand how to brand (or re-brand) a company. I used a local restaurant as my client and I made their website more user-friendly and made their site a bit more consistent in page layout and color scheme. I loved being able to apply my undergraduate field of study in a new way.

Another helpful tool that I learned to use in this class was FileZilla. Previously, I had no idea how to get my content onto a server so that it could appear on the internet. Basically FilaZilla is the middle man. I downloaded the software and used the MyWebSpace account that Quinnipiac provides to us as my landing space. I then quickly learned how to upload my TextEdit HTML files and all my other content onto the server. This is a great tool that I know I will continue to use throughout my career.

One of most valuable modules was definitely the last module where we got to use templates to create a real webpage that looked very professional. I also was able to play with different tags to understand how they manipulated the page. This was extremely useful to me because I could only understand the specific tags I had been taught such as <p> and <img>. This way, I could see how to insert certain elements such as a contact form or how to alter a navigation menu to look pleasing to the user, not just a list on my page.

Overall, I really enjoyed this class even though I found it to be a bit of a challenge. I was able to explore new software and further develop my skillset. I am looking forward to being able to apply these new skills to my career.

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