In today’s society the definition of a celebrity has become complicated. Ten years ago, a celebrity would most likely be defined as a movie star, singer or fashion designer. Now, all you need is a curated Instagram feed or a camera and a ring light. Social media has become a huge business. You can tell a lot about a post by examining the content, time of posting and interactions. Many people make a living off of their social media platforms and know exactly what to post. I thought that I would look into a post from an Instagram Influencer/YouTuber, Tess Christine. With over 740,000 followers on Instagram and over 2 million subscribers on YouTube, her posts attract a lot of attention. I want to specifically examine this post below, which was posted a couple weeks ago on a Sunday night.

Tess is pictured in the streets of her stomping grounds, Brooklyn, NY wearing a trendy scarf top. Her caption wishes everyone a “Happy Sunday”. I wanted to examine this post for a few reasons, one of them being that posts on Sunday night typically get more traction because everyone is unwinding from the weekend and settling in early. This post received over 60,000 likes and 185 comments. Tess posted a similar photo the very next day (her sitting on the sidewalk in Brooklyn wearing a trendy outfit) and it only received around 46,000 likes. In the middle of the day on a Monday, many people are at work and by the time they get home and check social media, her post will be too far down in their feed to even notice it. As you can see, the photo was posted purposely during a busy time to gain more attention from her followers.

As an influencer, Tess likes to interact with her followers by talking to them on social media. Sometimes you don’t need a brand partnership or an event to post. She simply had a great outfit and found a great spot to take a picture. This photo provided a perfect opportunity for her to wish her followers a good start to their week and a lot of them commented asking about her look and complimenting her videos, as shown below.

Overall, this is a successful post. She receives a high amount of likes and comments, more than most of her recent posts which have anywhere from 29.8k likes to 59.7k likes. I think that this is mostly due to the time of the posting, plus her trendy top that many stopped to comment on. She also tends to tag the brands she is wearing to let her followers know where she gets her clothes, shoes and accessories. As a trendy influencer, she always has a new product to share with her followers and subscribers.

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