As I discover more and more about social media analytics, I am introduced to great online tools such as Mentionmapp. It allows you to track mentions and interactions on Twitter so you can see who’s leading the conversations surrounding your brand. This can be hard, especially on Twitter. I have found that brands struggle to interact with their users on Twitter, since it really isn’t as image-friendly as a platform such as Instagram. I looked at the brand Aerie, the loungewear brand from American Eagle.

Aerie has a great reputation from being body positive and very inclusive. They pride themselves on not retouching their photos and using models from all different backgrounds and being inclusive of all size, race and ability. They use the hashtag #aerieREAL and most recently, #goingOFFLINE for their new workout collection. I decided to look at an initial Mentionmapp to find out what their Twitter interactions looked like.

Something that I immediately noticed was that not many people are interacting with Aerie on Twitter. Their tweets get little quotes, mentions or retweets. But, one of the users who stood out to me as having a connection with Aerie was @sofiyaballin. She is a journalist that has around 7500 followers. She preaches body positivity and was recently a part of Aerie’s Storyteller panel. I also found that @rubini_naidu was also a panelist in the same session. Unfortunately, after this, I reached my 15 search maximum for the free trial, but I was able to get a better feel for who is mentioning Aerie and how they connect to them as a brand. It was through this knowledge that I was able to see which influences might be a good fit for the brand.

Stephanie Yeboah is a British blogger who is vocal about all kinds of things. She is great fit for the brand, knowing that she can bring an influential voice to the conversation about loving who you are. This Instagram post of hers really reminds me of Aerie’s brand.

To compare it to Aerie’s posts, I’ve included some of the swimsuit pictures they’ve posted this past summer. They include all body types, stretch marks, bumps, and imperfections. There are many other posts just like these on their page. It is a brand like this that helps women feel comfortable in their own skin.

Their brand also seeks out women who have strong voices and want to build others up. This panel that they had, entitled “Real Talk: Changemakers Edition” is meant to let women use their voices during the tough climate our country is currently facing.

Overall, Mentionmapp has brought me many insights on the Aerie brand. I can see who has recently sat on their panels, as well as what women they choose to represent who they are and what they stand for which is the inclusivity of all women and building up people everywhere.

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