As a current graduate student who has gone through a few internships, I look back through my experiences and one job sticks out to me. Last year, I had the great opportunity of working at The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. I worked mainly with their PR and Marketing departments with the digital content strategy for the 2019 Primetime Emmys. We began by assessing what our audience wanted through research. In the past, we hadn’t really seen a lot of engagement with our content and we wanted to increase that. How could we create content that made people want to comment and share it? What makes this content meaningful to someone? We set out to create interactive stories along with a hashtag to provide some incentive among our audience. After spending many meetings gathering different topics, questions and celebrities to interview, we put together an 8-month timeline that we could follow.

It was an amazing experience to see that plan come to life as we began to implement it. I got to be a part of interviewing celebrities as well as interacting with our social media followers. As the months went on, I watched our followers and interactions rise.

From this, I took certain strategies to my own personal account, although I am no influencer, I like to think that I choose content to upload has a purpose that my audience will care about. I make sure that I am posting something that might make people stop and comment or share. For example, I recently redesigned my website to make it more than just a place for me to post my graduate content. I helped build a brand for myself that I can show to potential employers. Prior to this, I think that I didn’t have a clear homepage that told the user what the purpose of this site was. Now, I make sure to organize my content so that it is easy and accessible.

I hope to continue to evolve my content as I grow and become more proficient in my field. I think that it’s important to change your content strategy as you change. For now, I organize my content based on classes, but when I begin to transition out of the educational chapter of my life, I hope to organize it based on topic or project.

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