Has content strategy changed throughout the past decade? After reading “Content Strategy: The Philosophy of Data” written in 2007 by Rachel Lovinger and doing some research, I would say that it has evolved but the principles of content strategy have remained the same. Overall, the content strategy career field has exploded. According to this chart taken from Content Strategy and Marketing Course, you can see how much growth in job opportunity over the course of ten years. This chart stops at 2015 so you could only imagine just how we’ve grown since then.

Since the explosion of social media and the internet, online content strategy has taken off. We had to learn how to transfer these skills to a new medium. A lot of companies with growing online presence realized that they needed more help in creating and organizing content. People could now make “content strategy” a career and could earn a living off of it.

In Lovinger’s article, she tells us that she wants us to create content that is meaningful to people, useful for machines, easier to produce, and more comprehensive. She also wanted people to start by thinking “what is content?” and “what would make it more meaningful?” I think that it’s the same concept now. Content strategy is all about how we come to create something that people want to pay attention to. When she talks about it being useful for machines, I think about how content can be made for all different devices. Websites can be built to be compatible on mobile sites, which is where a large audience is coming from. When she says that content needs to be efficient because “we evaluate and recommend solutions for creating, enhancing, organizing, and using content” I think about search engine optimization and how so much of content strategy revolves around how to maximize our content.

After Lovinger’s 2007 publication, a lot more people began paying attention to content strategy and how it could help their company. Articles, books and other publications starting popping up everywhere, spreading the content strategy knowledge. In the past ten years, content strategy has shifted from written word to the online world. This is biggest shift we have seen. I think in “The History of Content Strategy” from the Content Strategy and Marketing Course they sum up the evolution of content strategy very well when they that it went “from Zero to 100% Necessary in 10 Years”.

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Lovinger, Rachel, et al. “Content Strategy: The Philosophy of Data.” Boxes and Arrows, 20 June 2019, boxesandarrows.com/content-strategy-the-philosophy-of-data/.

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