What draws you to certain products or experiences? Turns you away? When it comes to design, it’s important to consider the emotional impact it may have on users. More often than not, anytime you interact with customer service, buy a product or view an ad, you’re asked your opinion. How was your experience? There is a huge link between emotions and human decision making. We often rely on how we feel to lead us in making choices. Companies now market products in a sentimental way rather than a fact-based approach.

In this exercise, I connected some of my feelings with my needs surrounding a certain product, service and device.

Product: Car

I remember when I was in high school, I relied on my family and older friends to get me to and from the places I wanted to be. When I was able to get my driver’s license and purchase my own car, I remembering feeling so much lighter. I am now in charge of all my comings and goings throughout the day. My car makes me FEEL RELIEVED and STIMULATED because my NEED for MOVEMENT and INDEPENDENCE is being met. When I drive my car, I am in control of where I am going and what time I leave. I have to ability to get from place to place without having to rely on others. This makes me feel less anxious and more in control.

Service: Haircut

I enjoy changing up my style every so often. I have very curly hair and sometimes I get a straightening treatment or cut it a drastic amount at once. Getting a haircut makes me FEEL CONFIDENT and FRIENDLY because my NEED for BEING KNOWN and SELF EXPRESSION is being met. When I get a haircut, I can express myself through different styles and colors. I feel more confident and find myself dressing up a bit more or styling my hair more frequently right after a haircut. I can make a drastic change, such as cutting a lot of length off or draw attention with new highlights. People tend to notice when you change something about your physical appearance and often spark conversations with you.

Device: Laptop

Technology consumes much of our everyday. I always have my phone, watch and laptop at an arm lengths away. More specifically, my laptop makes me FEEL FRUSTRATED and ANXIOUS because my NEED for COMPETENCE and CONNECTION is not being met. Often times I feel trapped in my computer. Since beginning full-time online classes and working remotely, I feel as though I lack connection to friends and family. I often feel like I spend most of time trying to work, socialize with friends and family, and relax by watching shows or movies all in one place. I wish that I could spend more time away from it, but all of my devices are connected, so any emails or chats I receive, my watch and phone both buzz to remind me to get back on my computer. This never-ending cycle is a constant reminder of the anxiety and frustration that I feel towards my laptop.

Emotions play a huge role in the way that we make decisions. Whether it’s choosing a product, service or device, how it makes us FEEL can say a lot about our experiences.

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