City of Prairie du Chien: Content Strategy Report

This content strategy report was prepared for the website redesign of the City of Prairie du Chien. This report includes a content alignment strategy, content design, writing style and KPIs and recommendations.

Written with the primary and secondary audiences in mind, it analyzes the business goals and user needs while articulating strategic solutions to create content that equally benefits the organization and its audience.

This core strategy statement was created to help guide the content:

To inform of all the local happenings and provide easy online access to all items associated with a government webpage, we will provide relevant and comprehensible content that make our residents and visitors feel informed and confident when they are reading up on the latest news, finding things to do or paying bills online. 

After a full content analysis, I helped determine recommendations for the site redesign, which include a more organized and sleek site structure, repackaged content that brings community events and news to the forefront and the further utilization of social media.

See my full report below:

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