In Good Company: The Podcast

For a few years, I was interested in podcasting. I loved listening to them and how they could capture an audience. When I got the opportunity in my senior year of my undergraduate degree to take a podcasting class, I jumped at it. I found that I loved editing and thinking of new ideas each week. After the class ended, I wanted to continue with my podcasting journey.

My two hometown best friends and I have been inseparable since elementary school. When we were younger, we would spend our sleepovers making our own “talk-show” and different movies that we would make up in our heads. As we got older, we continued to document our friendship in different ways: pictures, videos, written letters and more. With my newfound passion for podcasting, we started thinking about how we could turn our conversations into a podcast to bring people together to laugh and enjoy themselves.

We began talking about topics we would include in our podcast such as friendships, relationships, school and transitioning into adulthood. We have all been friends for 15+ years and we found that many people don’t get as lucky as us and we want to share our experiences from elementary school all the way through college graduation. This is how In Good Company was born.

Our podcast is three twenty-somethings talking about the ups and downs of friendship, relationships and everything in between.

Pre-Production: Research and Planning

Before we could start our podcast, I did a lot of research regarding who is listening to podcasts and what exactly they were listening to. I found many statistics that showed a huge growth in podcast listeners in the past year. Many young people are listening to podcasts on their commute to work or while they’re getting ready in the morning.

See the Project Proposal here:

Building A Brand

A huge part of this project for me was designing a logo, which proved to be one of my biggest challenges. I started with an idea to have different Polaroids of our friends from many different occasions. I loved this idea of having all the people we talk about to be the face of the show. The logo didn’t turn out exactly like I wanted it to. It wasn’t modern enough and didn’t have the pop of color I was looking for. For the next few days, I designed a few other ones without our faces but with nice pops of color. By the end, I liked the general concept of the logo, but it still felt like something was missing. I went in search for custom fonts and other ways to incorporate pictures of my friends. Below on the left is the logo that we use for our social media, but the right is the cover art that will show up when someone is listening to our podcast. I am really glad this process had so many stages because it gave me time to figure out just what I wanted and I was extremely happy with the result.

“Welcome To In Good Company” – Our Teaser Trailer

Episode 1: “Are We a Cult or Are We Just Best Friends?”

Episode 2: “Long Distance Relationships (Won’t) Kill You”

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