Abercrombie and Fitch: Usability Report

Over the course of seven weeks, I created a usability report for the Abercrombie & Fitch website, abercrombie.com. This extensive process began with a deep dive into the company history, current website content and a competitive analysis of their biggest competitors. From there, I created personas and scenarios to help guide my next few steps. I conducted several studies such as interviews, surveys, card sorting activities, dairy studies, heuristic evaluations and a final usability study. I began this study thinking that there was not much to fix on this site and that I would have a hard time identifying problems, but as soon as I began see the results of some of my tests, I was able to recognize flaws in the design. The method that had the largest impact on my usability report was my final usability study. Here, I was able to watch participants in real-time complete given tasks on the website. The biggest flaws I found on the site pertained to the main top menu options, the organization of certain product categories and the user accessibility to customer help. I suggested the following solutions:

  • Make a “Customer Service” or “Contact Us” page on the top menu option. This way users can find help without having to scroll to the footer of the page.
  • The organization of the “Fierce” section needs to be re-evaluated. There isn’t a clear breakdown of the different scents. Users should be able to organize it by scent and size to allow for an easier shopping experience.
  • The top menu options are currently “Men’s”, “Women’s”, “Kids”, “Jeans”, “Fierce”, “Gift Guide” (seasonal), “Sale” and “About Us”. Although it is not the quickest or easiest route, all of the participants went to find jeans under their gender category. Consider taking away the “Jean” category and putting it under the respective genders. This will also help de-clutter the top menu.

See the full report below:

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