Creating POV Statements: Apps (Amazon Prime, Zoom and LinkedIn)

The design process requires a lot of research to help you identify what problems you are solving for users. In a previous post, I discuss forming problem statements. A step further than a problem statement would be a Point of View statement. This is an actionable problem statement that will guide you and your team in the design process. It helps you identify specific challenges for different groups of users. Since problem statements can be quite broad, POV statements is a narrow idea that will help create a number of high quality solutions that are more specific.

A great resource for the design team is the reviews section of the App Store. This is an outlet where users can express how they feel about the app experience, good or bad. In this exercise, I went to the App Store to find three apps, Amazon Prime Video, Zoom and LinkedIn and surveyed their reviews. I separated the reviews into three categories, positive, negative and suggestive (where users are asking for updates/new features).

When I was browsing, I found that sometimes it was difficult to differentiate a review of the company itself from a review of the app experience. I wanted to make sure I was identifying issues that were design-centered rather than a customer service or company structure issue.

A full presentation can be found here:

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