Logo and Ad Design: ElevenO2 Call Time Brew

There are just some things that go together. Ice cream and hot summer days, soup on a cold winter night and coffee during a long day on set. ElevenO2 Creative is a small business based out of New Jersey that does all things production. With a passion for both film and quality coffee, they want to marry the two. ElevenO2 Call Time Brew is the newest roast on set. This coffee would be sold to catering or production companies to be provided to their crew all day long.

When creating a brand, it important to have a unique logo that creates a visual identity. In this instance, I wanted this to stand out among other coffee companies, but still resonate with the entertainment industry. This would set the tone for the company and will always be tied to their product and reputation. It will be pulled through on all marketing and promotional assets for years to come. In creation, a designer should consider characteristics such as color, shape, symbols and typeface.

My two final logos are shown below:

After creating a logo, I wanted to create an ad that would be on-brand for their company, so I tied in similar colors and elements to both assets. A logo should set the tone for branding, so in this ad I am just pulling through the branding established in the logo.

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