Beginning My Podcasting Journey

I’m diving in. For the past year, I have been itching to create my own podcast. Prior to that, I was simply a listener. I started out with crime podcasts such as Serial (a true masterpiece, I highly recommend) and The Clearing. I then moved on to follow more talk-show style podcasts such as GirlsContinue reading “Beginning My Podcasting Journey”

How Business Writing Differs From Personal Writing

When writing  for business purposes, you often have to consider many factors such as audience, document structure, and tone. Unlike any personal essay or fictional stories, business writing follows more formal procedures that require much practice. Structure Business writing has a strict structure that allows for users to have easy access to important information. ItContinue reading “How Business Writing Differs From Personal Writing”

Finding a Balance: Writing For Yourself and Others

Audience plays a pivotal role in writing. After all, in order to qualify something as “good” or “bad” you need to have an audience. But writing for your audience can prove difficult. How do you attract and keep readers? Each one will have a unique experience because every reader is different. Although there are manyContinue reading “Finding a Balance: Writing For Yourself and Others”

Emilia Clarke: A Real-Life Warrior

On screen, Emilia Clarke was a fierce warrior who conquered many things, but off-screen she was fighting her own battle, and we had no idea. This long-form piece, A Battle For My Life is written by Emilia Clark, an actress that I was introduced to as Daenerys Targaryen on HBO’s Game of Thrones. She speaksContinue reading “Emilia Clarke: A Real-Life Warrior”

Professional Biography

Kelsey Bross is a current undergraduate student studying public relations at Quinnipiac University. She has a wide range of skills that she has accumulated in and out of the classroom.  With intern experience in corporate and agency settings, she has worked with a multitude of clients, including the Television Academy, Naturalizer Shoes, Alfred Coffee, andContinue reading “Professional Biography”

How Social Media is Taking Advantage of Your Data

What began with meaningful purposes to help connect friends around the world has turned into a money machine that misuses user’s data daily, Facebook has seen its fair share of backlash. Social media is relatively new and with that comes trial and error. It has been quick to become a fabric of today’s society, makingContinue reading “How Social Media is Taking Advantage of Your Data”